A Word from the Chancellor & Founder


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Training the elite of future hoteliers and gastronomists requires the ability to predict and convert the teaching program to a dynamically changing sector. We want the graduates of the Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry, as a highly qualified, enterprising and creative personnel, to possess knowledge and skills necessary to cope with economic challenges which face countries belonging to the European Union.


The activity of the Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry is firmly rooted in academic traditions and its primary values are: respect for knowledge and skills and openness to new ideas, people and situations. We constantly care about teaching and financial development of the Academy. In such an institution it is necessary to combine harmoniously both theoretical and practical preparation. Lecturers of the Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry offer students the highest level of theoretical preparation in: management, economic and financial issues as well as marketing. The professional technical resources, the Academy’s own travel agency, the restaurant, the café, the confectionary and the delicatessen along with instructors, appreciated in this sector, allow students to check and develop knowledge gained while training. Thanks to such all-round education our graduates gain access to a wide employment offer in hotels, tourist sites, restaurants, banking, consulting and others. Moreover, our diploma is a pass authorizing to take the highest managerial positions. The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that by 2015 5.5 million of jobs will have turned up annually in the hotel and tourism sector. According to the portal eGospodarka.pl, due to the organization of Euro 2012 byPolandandUkrainewe can expect 21.4 million of tourists. 100 thousand new jobs are anticipated to be created in tourist and gastronomic sectors to their service. The above-mentioned prognoses shape a demand for highly qualified specialists.


Young people consider time spent on studying as a specific investment for the future, and we provide them with a possibility to verify gained skills and certainty that they do not waste this time. This is confirmed by successes of our graduates who form an impressive group of professionals and are a rich source of contacts, both sociable and professional. On the grounds of research on the professional career of graduates of the Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry inPoznań, carried out by the Academy itself, we can state that 65% of them work in customer service in managerial positions, 20% out of whom run hotels and restaurants by themselves.


I strongly encourage you to acquaint yourselves with the educational offer included in the present prospectus as I am convinced that studying in our Academy, apart from the proper preparation for the future occupation, may become a fascinating adventure, full of inspirations for the whole life.


Chancellor & Founder dr Roman Dawid Tauber
professor of the Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry